survive an affair

How to Survive an Affair:
A Step-by-Step System for Saving Your Relationship after It's Been
Shattered by an Affair

This is my comprehensive step-by-step system, designed after 30 years of counseling to help you work through the healing and restoration of your relationship after an affair.

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Phase I: Individual Healing - Understanding Personal Feelings and Sorting through Emotions

  • Take control of the paralyzing emotions.
  • Regain your sense of stability and get rid of the images.
  • Eliminate the paranoia and restore your self-confidence.
  • cut off the affair and move back to your spouse.
  • Replace the lies with truth and start over.
  • Understand why the affair happened.
  • Uncover what was missing and how to add it.

Phase II: Healing As a Couple - Working Together to Identify and Resolve Key Issues

  • Accelerate the healing process: Protect your relationship from further harm.
  • Discover how to talk about the details.
  • Transform your relationship with a heart-felt apology.
  • Generate new honest communication.
  • Ignite a renewed life-long commitment.
  • Capture peace of mind with true forgiveness.

Phase III: Negotiating a Renewed Relationship - Understanding How to Rebuild and Sustain a New Trust-filled Partnership

  • Eliminate the suspicion with complete transparency.
  • Restore your sex life without haunting visions.
  • Affair-proof your marriage for life.
  • Develop lasting safety, honesty and intimacy.
  • Accept the past without being tormented

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